Monday, February 4, 2013

Energica 2013

Innovation and entrepreneurial genius from the manufacturer of Modena have led to the creation of ENERGICA, the first Italian prototype of electric streetbike.

ENERGICA represents the first model of electric motorcycle made-in-Italy. ENERGICA comes from the passion and experience of CRP Group that has faced the challenge of changing habits. They have used the fines technology in order to design a future eco-friendly vehicle with high performance. It is not by chance that this ambitious project was carried out in Modena, the homeland of the Italian Motor Valley famous worldwide for the luxury sportcars that are produced in that territory.

ENERGICA is a fancy, aggressive superbike that wants to entertain, excite and inspire the rider even for a glance.

Pure electric power from the Italian motorcycle and a mixture of technology and innovation that make ENERGICA unique and a good option to traditional vehicle.

Eco-friendly, zero emissions and a lot of adrenaline.

ENERGICA will be available for purchase from 2014 and reservation is already open. Book your dream on two wheels, the passion is timeless with ENERGICA.

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